Do Pugs Slobber? 8 Reasons Why Canines Do That

Do Pugs Slobber 8 Reasons Why Canines Do That

Have a canine friend in your household? Then you definitely know a thing or two about saliva all over the place: furniture, floors, carpets, and even your favorite fuzzy slippers! There are different reasons for this occurrence, not all of them are alarming. It is a part of a dog’s DNA, like eating and sleeping … Read more

Are Black Pugs Naughtier?

You are ready to adopt a pug, but you are not sure what color you want, so you are asking yourself are black pugs naughtier? Some people believe that black Pugs are naughtier than light Pugs because their behavior is more Terrier-like. All Black Pug All black pugs are a variation of the famous pug … Read more

3 Best Life Jacket For Pug

3 Best Life Jacket For Pug

I’ve picked up the best life jacket for pug on the market, whether you need one for a trip or to keep your pug afloat in deep water. If your pug is like all other pugs, they prefer floating to swimming. Even if your little one enjoys being in the water, it’s a must to … Read more

How Fast Is A Pug?

How Fast Is A Pug

You were in the park with your pug, and you two are playing catch, so you ask yourself how fast is a pug? Everyone loves a successful team, so it’s no surprise that we all want to be the owner of the quickest dog in the dog park. How Fast Can A Pug Run? Pugs … Read more

Can Pugs Howl? A Flashback To A Canine’s Ancestry

Can Pugs Howl A Flashback To A Canine’s Ancestry

Every canine owner knows that his/her dog’s ancestry is connected to the wolf family. Dogs are basically domesticated wolves who learned to live with humans and protect them from danger. They are our cute security guards who would bark if an intruder approaches. Well, at least my dog does, thankfully. The barking comes in handy … Read more

Can Pugs Mate Naturally? Good Tips For A Future Breeder

Can Pugs Mate Naturally Good Tips For A Future Breeder

Whether you want to get a Pug puppy or become a breeder yourself, you need to know everything about this species to make the right decisions, putting the dog’s best interest forward. Pug is a great family pooch, who is very gentle around kids and easily gets along with other mutts in the household. Since … Read more

How Much Do Pug Puppies Sleep?

How Much Do Pug Puppies Sleep

Like all babies, puppies need lots of sleep. But how much is normal?  Read on to find out all about how much your pug puppy should sleep, how much your adult pig should sleep, what is normal and what isn’t, and how you can help your pug if they are sleeping too much. Do Pug … Read more