Do Pugs Slobber? 8 Reasons Why Canines Do That

Do Pugs Slobber 8 Reasons Why Canines Do That

Have a canine friend in your household? Then you definitely know a thing or two about saliva all over the place: furniture, floors, carpets, and even your favorite fuzzy slippers! There are different reasons for this occurrence, not all of them are alarming. It is a part of a dog’s DNA, like eating and sleeping … Read more

Are Black Pugs Naughtier?

You are ready to adopt a pug, but you are not sure what color you want, so you are asking yourself are black pugs naughtier? Some people believe that black Pugs are naughtier than light Pugs because their behavior is more Terrier-like. All Black Pug All black pugs are a variation of the famous pug … Read more

Pug Button Ears

Pug Button Ears

The pug button ear is one of the breed’s variations, with the ears folding forward in this case. Pugs have two eyes, two ears, a squishy tiny nose, and a curly little tail. Unfortunately, the Pug’s ears (and those of several of its mix-breeds like Boston Terrier and Frenchie Terrier Mix) are prone to mites, infections, … Read more

Pug Tail Problems – Things You Need To Know

Pug Tail Problems - Things You Need To Know

Pugs are a unique breed, and their genetic makeup results in a distinct set of Pug health issues, as well as pug tail problems. Pug health concerns vary from dog to dog depending on their ancestry and genetics. However, there are a few typical Pug health issues to be aware of if you’re thinking about getting … Read more

Do Pugs Have Underbites? – Dental Issues In Pugs

Do Pugs Have Underbites – Dental Issues In Pugs

Do pugs have underbites? Are they genetically prone to developing one, if you wonder, then we got the answer for you! Pugs are one of the most popular pets due to their loving behavior and intriguing appearance. The Pug underbite is one of their most distinctive characteristics, and while it’s charming, it’s beneficial for a … Read more

How Fast Is A Pug?

How Fast Is A Pug

You were in the park with your pug, and you two are playing catch, so you ask yourself how fast is a pug? Everyone loves a successful team, so it’s no surprise that we all want to be the owner of the quickest dog in the dog park. How Fast Can A Pug Run? Pugs … Read more

Can Pugs Eat Raw Meat? To Feed Or Not To Feed, That Is the Question

Can Pugs Eat Raw Meat To Feed Or Not To Feed, That Is the Question

Any caring dog owner wants only the best for his/her pooch, and that is plausible, indeed. Since you took the responsibility for a little four-legged, you are the sole provider of its shelter, bedding, water, and food. Your mutt 100% depends on you and trusts you to give it the healthiest life possible. And speaking … Read more

Pug Coat Types: The Most Popular Shades Of Wrinkle-Faced Pals

Pug Coat Types The Most Popular Shades Of Wrinkle-Faced Pals

If you are one of the many Pug enthusiasts, you know very well that these pooches come in a variety of colors. It is really a matter of personal shade preference or whether a future dog owner wants a purebred dog or a mixed one. Some mixed-colors Pugs are even more expensive than the “original” … Read more